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Smashin’ Meals was born one day by chance when Founder and CEO Bobby Gutierrez decided to take his knowledge of competing and manipulation of the body to the public by offering his services in meal preparation to his clients. Vice president of operations Amber Black and her love for cooking instantly made this idea go from a thought to a reality. Slowly but surely it evolved into what we see today. Fulfilling the need for nutrition in a way that takes the shopping, cooking and cleaning out of the equation. A healthy convenient alternative to poor choices, poor health and ultimately a poor unhealthy livelihood. Here at Smashin’ Meals you don’t ever have to count another calorie. We create discipline, routine and above all convenience.

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Bobby Gutierrez


Everyone always asked me: “Is that all you do is lift weights and eat?”

Yes, this is true and I’m happy to still be doing it. Doing what I love means I’ll never have to work a day in my life ever again. At least it won’t FEEL like work! Every day I am evolving Smashin’ Meals with the same passion and dedication that carried me through all those years at the gym. Applying the knowledge and experience I have acquired to Smashin’ Meals to make it the best it can be!

All because my dreams outweighed anyone’s opinion. I love what I do and I do it for all of you guys!

Amber Black

Head Chef / VP. Operations

I am 32 years old and have 4 children. I was adopted at 3 months old and grew up in sunny Ventura, CA. I believe my love and inspiration came from watching my grandma in the kitchen. My summer and days off from school were spent helping my grandma gather eggs from her chicken coup for breakfast and picking fresh fruits and veggies from her garden. I took what I learned from her and put my own healthy spin on it to cook for my family. I’ve been active my entire life, so understanding proper nutrition came easily to me. I always worked in food service until one day I met CEO, Founder Bobby Gutierrez and decided to join forces and create SMASHIN’ MEALS!

Freddy Celedon

Prep Cook

3 years ago I was in a different country with one dream. To spread positivity and to share my journey in living a lifestyle full of health and prosperity. I came to California all by myself, leaving my family and everything behind in Mexico. I knew that what I wanted to do would be better understood in the U.S. so naturally, it had to be done. The moment I stepped foot in California I enrolled in school, signed up at the gym and found a full-time job as well.

The job was a prison and I was soon laid off. I was barely surviving and knew I could count on one place to keep me motivated. The gym. Surrounded by the people I met who also had dreams. Bobby was a member there and shared an opportunity with me to be a part of his team. Needing a job I was thankful to have been given the opportunity to be a part of something great. Here I would be getting more than a paycheck as I would soon find out. This business venture opened up doors and I was able to see so much passion through the entire team and clientele. These were people looking to better their lives all around. A place I wanted to be.

Gabriel Carerra

Prep Cook

Gabriel Carrera is a 24-year-old Santa Paula native. After graduating from Santa Paula High School in 2011, his passion for the culinary arts led him to Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has worked as a chef in various restaurants in both Nevada and California for the last 7 years. I was offered the opportunity to join Smashin’ Meals which has been an awesome experience and I hope to bring value to the team with my knowledge and understanding of the culinary arts.

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Subscriptions Return May 5th!

Don’t worry, we are not closing our doors! To continue to provide our clients with the highest level of commitment and quality, we will be going on our first week long vacation in 4 years. We ask for your patience as we enjoy some much needed relaxation and family time. We are suspending the addition of new accounts for the week of 4/28 thru 5/3 and will resume new subscriptions to Smashin Meals on 5/5/2019.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.